Cutting Edge Technology

4K (Dakar test drive - Mini) / 3D (Fastest 3D car film - Mercedes)

Two separate projects where In© used cutting-edge filming techniques.

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3D: In© created the idea of filming the fastest ever 3D car film and took it to Mercedes, who saw the opportunity to naturally promote the performance of their SLS.

4K: In© approached Mini with the opportunity to put Jay Leno in the Dakar winning car in Death Valley and film the action in the latest high-resolution technology.


3D: In© closed the Isle of Man TT course,  secured the services of F1 driver David Coulthard to drive the car and utilised 3D equipment including onboard and heil with a crew of over 60 people.

4K: In© utilised high-tech drones and filmed in 4K from a helicopter, creating some exceptional imagery.


  • 3D: A main film and behind the scenes film
  • 4K: A film produced especially for Jay Leno’s Garage website, syndicated globally



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